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Unblocking drains by the professionals

When your drain becomes clogged or blocked  it can be really inconvenient when this occurs it could result in an overflow of sewage  which can be a real headache,  unhygienic and very smelly! Drain repairs are often left until other issues start to arise.  This could include  leakage around foundations, rodent and vermin infestation, nasty smells. All of these may lead to other more serious problems. Don't worry we have been unblocking drains around Dublin for domestic and commercial clients for over 20 years.

Dublin's premier drain cleaning company

Dublin drain unblocking are the county's premier drain cleaning company. We are available for any drainage issues you have 24/7 all year around. Our technicians are fully trained, certified and experienced. They can solve all of your drainage issues. This includes blocked drains, toilets, baths and sinks. Our state of the art vehicles are fully equipped with the latest drain clearing technology. This includes high-pressure water jets serving over 3,000 p.p.s.i. pressure, electro-mechanical cable worms, C.C.T.V. cameras and other no dig technology. This means we can avoid large construction projects such as excavating up your garden or footpath!

Most of the causes of drain blockages are usually pretty standard and consist of a number of different possibilities. Most are caused by the following, large build up of fats, baby wipes, root damage from trees, child products including toys, plants and vegetation.

Unblocking drains using high power jetting

In most cases we use drain jetting when unblocking drains. This is a much more effective way of drain cleaning. Traditionally, it would usually have been completed with drain rods. The problem is that drain rods have fundamental flaws. Firstly they can not navigate around corners or reach other difficult to clean areas. With high pressure drain jetting equipment it allows us to navigate around bends and supply in excess of 3,000 p.p.s.i. far more pressure than manual rods on the blockage.unblocking drains Dublin

Our  jetting equipment can be used for unblocking drains of many types and will usually clears all blockages, regardless of the obstruction. Because of the very high pressure exerted this jet spray has enormous force. It can easily remove grease, scale, objects and fat blockages.

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unblocking drains Dublin